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My Story

Flowering The World

They used to say that freckles were a sign of one possessing an 'excess of spirit'. Add my flaming red hair and I'd say whoever said that was spot on! Excess of spirit, yes I do!

I love brilliant colors, laughing so loud people glare, food, wine, and raising my daughters (Julia 12 and Maia 16) with humility, kindness, respect, and the confidence to live without apology.

I'll pause just long enough to read every warning at the cliffs edge before jumping off with all the confidence and fierceness I posses. I know for a fact there are no great successes or adventures without ultimate faith in one's self and in the vastness of possibility.

I was raised by an artist, farmer, hippy mother who grew brilliantly colored flowers, painted, and airbrushed magnificent creatures and delicate flowers on every surface available. She instilled in me a deep well of creative energy and a fearless approach to art.

I love, LOVE, flowers. I love everything about them! I even love them when the petals begin to fall and they get pollen everywhere. I appreciate the life cycle, the joy of their colorless buds opening to vibrant blossoms, and the way they smell, even the ones that 'don't smell', do. I love how the colors of the petals fade as they age... all those luscious sepia tones make me want to paint!

I am often asked what RowanOak means... it's kinda personal but I'll whisper it in your ear... the rowan tree was favored by ancient druids as a protector and its wood is strong and resilient and was often used to make tools for tradesmen. The oak tree represents ancient wisdom and great balance. An oak trees roots reach as deep into the earth as its branches reach into the sky. I appreciate the symmetry of that and when I'm in a grove of California native oak trees I just breathe easier… I feel my feet planting and my arms reaching.

I am an avid believer and supporter of doing business small and local. I am dedicated to using Slow Flowers grown predominately by boutique California flower farmers. I conscientiously blend in choice imported flowers for their extraordinary variety of color and texture.

Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” Hans Christian Andersen

Flowering for a living is a glorious lifestyle; I meet the best people, create exquisite events, and get to frolic in a world that I was born to. Santa Barbara is a magical place for weddings and celebrations from the sandy beaches to the oak covered mountains; my home town is the perfect scene for a party great or small!

Call me! Let's create something gorgeous together!